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Career Paths for Advertising Majors

In mere words, advertising majors focus on promoting products and services. Unlike marketing that is involved in any step from manufacturing to delivery, advertising focuses on promotion only.

If you have a great combination of creative and analytical skills, and can easily highlight a product's benefits, consider studying an advertising major in a college. Below in the post, you will find the possible career paths for graduates with a degree in advertising.

Product Management

As advertising is part of marketing, graduates can start a career as a product manager. Having a degree in advertising, you will be responsible for improving a product and increasing its sales in this role. Product managers use a lot of channels to promote goods. Also, they need to communicate with both manufacturers and customers to improve a product.


Advertising background can be extremely helpful in any sales position. Both marketers, sales department representatives, and advertising specialists follow the same goal - to sell a product.

To become a successful sales team representative, you should be good with numbers. In case you're a student who always reaches online statistics homework help, you may experience difficulties tracking your progress, working as a sales operator.


There are a lot of marketing roles for advertising specialists. If you like to organize different kinds of gatherings, you work as an event planner. Also, your skills will help promote public events and attract people. 

In case you have strong writing skills and like creating engaging content, you can start working as a copywriter and promote products by creating alluring content that highlights the main benefits and drives people to purchase it.


Having good knowledge of psychology, a lot of graduates with a degree in advertising start successful careers in politics. Using their skills, they highlight candidates' strong sides and promote them to get more votes in elections.

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Social Media Management

We all live in the age of social media platforms. Facebook is the most popular of them. According to recent statistics, there are more than 2.7 billion active users on Facebook. Thereupon, a lot of companies use the platform to promote their products online.

Having advertising skills, you can start working as a company's representative on different social media platforms.


A lot of people can create an alluring design that captures people's attention. However, having an advertising background, you can become a specialist who knows how to create a design that uses psychological tricks and marketing strategies to drive people to purchase a product.

If you're a student who wants to become such a specialist, you need to learn visual design over your curriculum. Getting an advertising degree and studying visual design, you may experience a lack of time.

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Bottom Line

If you have an advertising degree, you can build a successful career in almost any niche, as promotional skills are always in demand. Feel free to have double majors to achieve significant success.